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Too Much Sex


"Hot Properties," a new "Sex and the City"-style sitcom about Manhattan real-estate brokers, may sell with viewers, but a real-life Gotham Realtor says the business has a lot less sex than the show - and more back-stabbing.

Big Apple broker Melanie Lazenby, 32, yesterday said the producers should drop the laugh track of the show featuring Gail O'Grady - and pay more attention to the wacky realities of real Realtors like her.

"It's so crazy and unpredictable - I'm down one minute and up the next," said Lazenby of her profession.

O'Grady plays Ava Summerlin, a sultry blonde heading a team of brokers who specialize in selling high-end real estate and banter about their love lives as they work.

In tomorrow night's premiere episode (9:30 p.m., WABC/Channel 7) they learn that two of them have, once in that past, slept with a new client's fianc‚.

But "I would never," insisted Lazenby, an associate broker at Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate, while watching a scene from the new series. "It's totally inappropriate.""You don't want to date your own client because seeing their finances is more personal than seeing them naked," she said. "Usually, once that kind of information is out, either you're not interested or if you are, you start to question your motives."

Still, "I've dated other people's clients," she said. "It's less awkward."Lazenby - whose dad is the George Lazenby, the actor who played James Bond in 1969's "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" - admitted it can be difficult to tell who's serious about buying, or only about having a good time.

A seemingly high-end client from out of town once breezed into New York and asked the unmarried Realtor to spend the week with him looking for expensive properties.

He refused to be pre-qualified by a mortgage broker, and as Lazenby spent the week trying to vet his credentials, she rolled out the red carpet."He told me that he had a $12 million budget," she said. "I got a chauffeured car for a week to take him around, bought really expensive dinners, and at the end of it he left, and I ended up paying for everything."

Lazenby and other sexy, single New York City brokers said "Hot Properties" is a good concept but doesn't put enough emphasis on how seriously cutthroat the real estate business is."A real broker wouldn't go to see a high-end client with her boobs out like that," she said.

Lazenby's business partner, Dina Lewis, 37, added, "If that's the way those women [on 'Hot Properties'] sell homes, they would be on welfare by now."



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